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Forex Trading - Learning to Trade Forex Online

Most traders enter into the forex market armed with nothing more than hopes and dreams of striking it rich in a very short time, and end up losing their entire account in short order. Believe me I know, because I was one of those forex traders just a couple of years ago. I earned $1400 my first week and I thought to myself, it can't be this easy. A couple of weeks later my $1400 was gone and then some. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I had better learn to do this properly if I was going to keep my sanity and the shirt on my back.

I discovered Straight Forex completely by accident one day while searching the internet. Prior to that I read so much information I thought my brain would explode...some of it useful but the majority of it was pure junk from people trying to sell me the next big thing in forex trading. Some of the claims they made were simply outrageous. While I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to trading the forex market, I have become successful at it thanks to the free courses offered by Straight Forex. Since learning the ropes my definition of a successful forex trader is this: "a successful trader is one who accepts the fact that losses are inevitable...and takes the necessary steps to minimize those losses".

When it comes to minimizing losses, the two most important factors, I believe, are discipline and good money management. When I started out I didn't exactly have discipline when it came to currency trading. I would stick with a losing trade hoping things would turn around, only to watch the money drain from my account like sand through an hour glass. Then I would get angry and re-enter a trade hoping to recoup my losses, only to end up losing more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to scare you away from forex trading...I am simply pointing out that you need to be well informed before you start trading with real money. Done properly, currency trading can be a very rewarding and profitable experience.

The purpose of this article is not to give you advice on how to trade currency...I'll leave that to the experts. Over the years I have developed a style of trading that works for me, but what works for me may not necessarily work for you. When it comes to trading the forex market,there are just too many factors involved to make it the same for everyone; the broker you choose, the chart you use to trade, the traders risk tolerence, the emotions involved,etc. You could take 10 traders all using the same broker, trading the same currency pair on the same chart, and each trader would have a different outcome. One trader may not use a stop loss, another may use a tight stop and still another a stop loss that is further from the price he or she entered at.  Factor emotion into this and you can understand why each trader would have a different result.

Before you can develope a trading style that's right for you, you need to understand how the forex market works and gather enough expert knowledge to ensure you make informed decisions when it comes to trading online. If you are a beginner, I hope you will take advantage of the expert advice provided by Straight Forex, because in my opinion, it is the best you will find on the internet. There are numerous sites that offer forex information, but wading through it all and trying to decide what's useful and what isn't can be very time consuming and you may as well start with the best. Even if you are an intermediate trader, there is plenty of useful information on this site for you as well.

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